Integrating Asset Management to Achieve Infrastructure Sustainability and Resiliency in Stormwater Systems

Integrating Asset Management to Achieve Infrastructure Sustainability and Resiliency in Stormwater Systems
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Mirandi Lynn McDonald
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E. Tam
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T. Bolisetti , N. Biswas
University of Windsor
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Civil and Environmental Engineering
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۲۰۱۸ میلادی
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As the world faces climate and resource pressures, there is an ever-growing
demand for sustainable products and processes throughout the whole life cycle.
Sustainable infrastructure has become one of the leading research topics in civil
engineering. It refers to mitigating, decreasing, and even eliminating the social,
economic and ecological impacts during the lifecycle of an infrastructure project,
which includes its design, construction and operation. However, achieving
sustainability is challenging and requires an interdisciplinary approach because of
the many variables that need to be understood and assessed.
One field of expertise long practiced by municipal management but not necessarily
by engineers is asset management. Asset management focuses on reducing risk
while increasing the level of service. From an engineering perspective, physical
characteristics dominate what should be assessed to improve infrastructure. What
can be often missing is the perspective on how to effectively manage assets to best
meet the community’s needs, especially in situations where systems have been
engineered to be as effective as realistically possible. Actively incorporating asset
management approaches into sustainability assessment should significantly
improve our understanding, analysis, and decision-making on how to engineer,
maintain, modify, and even demolish infrastructure to meet our future challenges.
This research project will use a risk management framework to improve how a
current stormwater system can be effectively managed. The framework will
examine different mitigation factors. Using these factors, the framework will
predict if a certain area is at a high or low risk. A case study will be undertaken
using a mid-sized city to demonstrate the viability of the framework. The
framework will assist in answering the question: will using an asset management
approach improve infrastructure sustainability in stormwater systems?
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